…What’s Going On Lately?

Well, hello!!! It’s been quite a while, hasn’t it, dear readers? About 3 months, in fact (not counting last week’s entry). Some of you may have been wondering: “What’s happening? Will she keep blogging?  Is she still serious about it? Why hasn’t she written anything in the last 3 months? What’s taking so long? What is she going to do to keep this thing going? How did I end up with a piece of hard candy on the back of my neck?”

Okay, maybe you weren’t thinking about that last one, but as far as the others are concerned, I’ve got your answers right here:

IMG_1691#1: What’s happening? Life is happening, and moving at the speed of light, lemme tell ya. My trip to Chile was amazing, but everything’s been fairly calm since then, so I don’t really have anything very exciting to report. Oh, except that I wrote some letters a few weeks ago. Yes, you read that correctly: letters. Not e-mails, not tweets, not Facebook posts. ACTUAL LETTERS. With PAPER and ENVELOPES and STAMPS. Also, I had some guests from Canada who were, by far, some of the coolest people I’ve ever met.

#2:Will she keep blogging? Is she still serious about it? Yes. Yes, I am.

#3: Why hasn’t she written anything in the last 3 months? What’s taking so long? To be completely candid, the well of inspiration has been a little dry lately, which might lead you to ask…

#4: What is she going to do to keep this thing going? Since I don’t really want to wait around for inspiration to strike, I’ve decided (“pause…for effect…..”) that I’m going to undertake a blogging challenge. But not just any blogging challenge; it’s the 52-Week Blogging Challenge! (Of course, we’re already 17 weeks into the year, so it’s more like the 35-Week Blogging Challenge, but anyway…) Starting next week, I’ll be writing at least one post per week on a predetermined topic. I’ve seen a few different graphics for this challenge with topics for each week, but some topics are repeated and others are things that I’d rather not write about, so I’ll be pulling themes from several different sources. The goal is to become consistent with my blogging. I won’t be doing this alone, though; in addition to topics I find online and any that I come up with on my own, I’d love hear from you! What would you like me to write about? Submit your ideas** in the comment section  down below.

**Not to worry, you’ll receive full credit for any idea of yours that I decide to use (unless you’d prefer to remain anonymous, of course.) ☺️


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