…About Myself? (Blog Challenge [BC] #1)

If you’re new to the blog, then the answer is no. If you know me in person, then yes, I’ve told you about myself and I’ve probably told you more personal things than the list I’m about to write here. Even so, I don’t think many people know the things that are on this list. I suppose I could be completely transparent and use this blog to talk about anything and everything I think and feel, but I’d rather not do that. I value my privacy, y’know?

So, without further ado, here are 5 (out of 10) random facts about yours truly:

#1: I’m a curly-haired girl. That being said, I’m in a bit of a love/strong-dislike relationship with my curls. Allow me to explain: I love having curly hair, to the point where straightening it makes me feel a bit awkward because it doesn’t feel like me. BUT…I strongly dislike having to micromanage my hair. There are hours out of any given day where my hair is the bane of my existence. Of course, I don’t face the same coiffing challenges that many others do, but still. Okay, okay, complaint over.

#2: I’ve worn glasses since I was 14. I’m also the only girl I know who got really excited by the idea of wearing glasses because they would make me look more like my mom.🤓

#3: I love my job. Seriously. I’ve had several professions throughout my adult life. The current one (ESL Teacher) is by far my favorite. And that’s because…

#4: I love the English language. Despite the ever-changing nature of it and how challenging it is to learn (and teach) it, I can’t fully describe to you how much I enjoy learning a new word and the roots of that word, proper usage, etc. My favorite English word that I’ve learned so far? Petrichor. I’ve always been like this, by the way; the very first book I ever bought with my own money was this dictionary:

Yes, this is my copy. You thought I was kidding, didn’t you?

***We interrupt this program to bring you breaking news: In case you hadn’t noticed the emerging pattern, Emmelle is a huge nerd. It’s a label, to be sure, but one she wears with pride. And now, back to our regularly scheduled program.***

#5: I love books. My big 3 (meaning “books I’ve read more than once”) are The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, and Night by Elie Wiesel (Fun fact: That last one was required reading in my junior year of high school).

There you go, five out of ten random factoids about moi! Wondering about the other five? Click here.


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